Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday High Fives

Ummm, are we really just 6 days away from Christmas? How in the world does that happen? I swear it was just July like last week. I'm. Not. Ready.

No matter how much I've tried to plan ahead, there just hasn't been enough time to prepare this season. Between feeding sessions and naps, I have roughly 1.5-3 hour increments of when I can be actively doing anything these days which makes Christmas shopping a challenge. With a 2 hour window, I have just enough time to load up, get to a store, shop at one place and then head back. I need one solid 5-6 hour day to crank out some serious holiday cheer! Oh well, maybe next year.

And as I scurry through the holiday hustle and bustle, these high fives have kept me fa-la-la-la-la'ing...

  • Christmas music. If you ask Scrooge  the Hubs, he could take or leave the Christmas tunes, but not I. Play em loud and play em proud. Extra points if you sing along in your car. You know you want to!
    • Want to be thoroughly entertained, let me do my best rendition of the lamest Christmas carol ever, Little Drummer Boy. Seriously, who wrote a song and said half way through the composition process "ya know what this song needs? Approximately 35 "pa-rump-a-pum-pums" strategically placed throughout. Ugh.
  • A good 4 month check up for the Munch. He's 14lbs and 12oz of cuteness and good health.
  • Christmas cookies. Duh.
  • My in-laws returning from Mexico. Although theirs tans are slightly annoying me as my skin remains one tone above see-through.
  • My mom being on the mend after a bout with Pneumonia that put her in the hospital for a few days. Scary!
  • The Hubs knocking out a little Christmas shopping for me.
  • Hosting the Howard family Christmas party at our home tomorrow night and then two of our friends and their littles for dinner on Sunday.
  • This song. This song needs no explanation.

  • Participating in my good friends Holiday Market. Her and her husband and 5 kids (and no that's not a typo. FIVE kids at 34 years old and she's rocking it) bought a western town as their new home and she hosted a holiday market for a few of us local handmade and vintage vendors. It was a fun evening with some Christmas shopping and wine thrown in the mix. More on the western town later. Only they could pull off living in a western town with moxie.
Here it is in its glory. And yes, that's a pool in the center of the "town". Crazy!

  • Our 2nd annual Growth Group Christmas party. I'm growing to really love our group and although we're all so different, we all mesh well together and continue to grow together. As per tradition, we partook in a white elephant exchange that did not disappoint. Tim and I took home a singing Christmas tree that scared the dickens out of our dog and the dreaded ceramic cat vase. This dang cat appeared in the exchange last year and I just knew it was coming back. Sure enough, I'm now the proud owner. Grrrreeeaaaattt. That sucker is returning to said exchange in 2015. Believe it.
And for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the "lovely" gifts:

Who doesn't want a koozie from our wedding with a chilled Miller High Life and photo of us from our wedding? That's some straight up mantle material! Don't panic, there was more in the bag than just those gems.

Our little Munchie loves Steve and Courtney.

The group.

Apparently we have now introduced a mini-cat into the fun since one ceramic cat is not enough. Geez, now there's two ceramic cats to dodge. Erik looks jazzed about his new pet, doesn't he? 

Heather received a naked doll with dreadlocks and platform shoes. The best part was the large plastic ziplock baggie it came in from Goodwill. Creepy, much. So glad I didn't pick that one!

I hope your weekends are merry and bright as we prepare for our Savior's birth!
Happy Friday, Y'all!

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