Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pink Eye The Stink Eye

I can comfortably say that during this pregnancy, I have weathered many a random, physical challenge and lived to tell the tale. From battling the flu for a full week when I was about 8 weeks pregnant to morning-afternoon-evening sickness, to pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel, to today's joys compliments of pink eye, I have seen my fair share of random illnesses in the last 9 months. The good news is that in each instance I've been able to power through and Ziggy seems no worse for the wear. The high fevers during the flu were the scariest, but this little nugget is tough and went unscathed.

The down side of this weeks illness is that I currently look like Sloth from The Goonies. True Story. My face is fairly swollen when I awake these days and now I have the pleasure of having one eye about 50% swollen shut. I dread looking in the mirror this week. It's ain't pretty folks. No way around it. I keep telling myself "if the Hubs doesn't run and hide and somehow still finds me remotely attractive after all of this is said and done, well, he shall be dubbed Saint Hubs".

I don't typically ask for prayer over small illnesses such as the stink  pink eye, but if you don't mind sending one up for me, I'd be very grateful. I can power through this thing, but I'm worried about our son coming a few days early and his momma looking like a combination of Sloth and one of those white rabbits with the bright red eyes that you see at the county fair, in every single photo of his first days of life. And more importantly and less selfishly, I don't want to worry about giving this gunk to our new baby. I want to be able to hug and kiss and cuddle him as much as he deserves and as much as I've been anxiously waiting to do without fear of harming his brand new eyes.

This too shall pass, and if I have to walk around with one eye fully done with make-up and the other as bald as an eagle and running nonstop, I can do it without much complaint (note "much" complaint. I'm human and this stuff stinks!). I just pray this doesn't take 7-10 days like the doctor mentioned or I shall forever look like I'm winking at the camera in every single photo of Ziggy's arrival. Not exactly how I imagined looking in our first family portraits. Sigh.

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