Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday High Fives

Today marks the end of my summer, folks. It's back to full days on Fridays and I'm so broken up about it that I have not stopped crying out of my right eye for the last four days. Or that could be from the pink eye, but even if it is, I'm still pretty bummed that my half day Fridays are complete for another year. See ya in 2015, half Fridays. You and your endless possibilities for afternoon naps during horrible Lifetime movies, estate sale shopping or spending time with my mom
 will be missed tremendously.

With that I bring you the good things that got me through a rocky week:
  • Getting a prescription for this eye of mine. I went back to the doctor yesterday as my eye was getting progressively worse and the minute the doctor walked into the exam room, she took one look from across the room and said "oh, you poor thing. Let's get you some drops." Thank you, thank you!
  • Texting and emailing with my BFF's in Charleston this week. They're always on my mind and even just a few texts back and forth make the distance feel not so far. Miss you girls SO much!
  • The Hubs and his buddy putting in our car seat. We're all set, Ziggy!! Your car seat and swing await you.
  • Finally getting to watch Jen Hatmaker's Big Family Renovation show on HGTV last night. They're just the cutest, most real family. Check it out if you can stay up that late on a school night.
  • Celebrating my in-laws for their anniversary with a little hibachi and Red Mango. It was fun to do something different for dinner and the food and company were both wonderful. The Hubs may have ruined his shirt thanks to being an overzealous chocolate syrup eater, but no one's perfect.
  • The start of Bachelor in Paradise. I make no apologies for the crap TV that I partake in and it was nice to not have a void in my Monday night entertainment. Could I have been doing something more productive like painting the trim in our house to get it ready to list? Sure. But who can pass up watching a house full of drama queens and clueless men on a tropical island? Not this girl.
  • Getting the little nugget's room finished for his arrival. He'll have a little more space in the new house, but for the first month of his life, I think this nursery is perfect and will hold many precious memories.

  • Welcoming our furniture pieces back that we had sent out to have painted. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. Rennie, recognize any of these pieces? It's hard to tell the colors in the photos, but some are an antique white and some are a French gray, and all of them look so much better! Here's a little before and after for you.
Before (gag):



Happy Friday, Y'all!!

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