Monday, July 14, 2014

We Did It

We did it, friends. We actually made a decision as a family, which is no small feat. The Hubs and I are both pretty indecisive people. It's not for lack of caring, but more so over thinking and re-thinking things. With that being said, we made a big decision last Friday and now have a new home under contract. Ahhhhh!

I am sharing this update with you with nervous fingers as I type this post. This future home has been part of our lives since early February. We viewed it 3 times between February and March and made our first offer in March (I believe, although all the details have become blurry thanks to the trials and tribulations of the negotiating process). We went back and forth on pricing, timing, etc... We then viewed it 2-3 more times. We walked away a few different times and had a few headaches and heartaches along the way as the seller walked away mid-process and went radio silent on us for days, weeks, etc... This dang house!

At one point, although we met the seller's requests, she walked away with no explanation. To say we were hurt, angry and confused was an understatement. I LOVED this house and it just wasn't going to happen. The only explanation her agent could come up with was that she truly didn't want to sell. I mourned the future holidays we'd host and the memories we'd make inside of those walls and we tried to move on.

Until the day we got the explanation we felt we deserved after meeting her crazy demands for the last few months...she no longer owned the home. Fast forward a bit into negotiating with a bank and again, we just couldn't make it work. This dang house was just going to taunt us, yet again. We offered our highest and best and when we couldn't meet in the middle, we moved on. We finished the nursery we hadn't even started yet due to thought process that we "were moving this summer" and we created a room that I love for our little man. I was coming to terms with the fact that we'd be in our home for at least another year because who in their right minds wants to move with an infant. Not I.

All of that changed last Monday night as we watched the Bachelor. Our agent called with news. The bank wanted to accept our offer. The offer we gave weeks ago, was not accepted and led us to move on. This dang house!

Decisions, decisions. After 5 months of going back and forth, having hope and then the lack of, declines and radio silence, we had to really thrash through the decision to sign on. What had been total love for the home had become sprinkled with frustration, anger, tears, and a hesitance to get too attached because we had been down this road before (a few times). But in the end, we loved the home, the space and room it allows us to grow as an expanding family, space for guests (SC friends, please come visit me), the views and lifestyle that life on the river would allow us. There are things that'll need to be updated as it was built in the 90's and has some noticeable 90's touches (seriously, what do you do with a two story tall mirror above your fireplace?! Suggestions??), but it'll be something that we'll updated over the years to make it exactly what we dream it can be.

So, unless something goes drastically wrong, which with this dang house it totally could, we've decided and are awaiting the closing. Who wants to move with a newborn? Apparently we do.
With that, I give you a quick tour of what it looked like during our 5 month process. The former owner no longer lived in it, so some of the d├ęcor was a bit random to keep it from being 100% empty. And bear with us on the "fantastic" 90's touches. We'll get her updated as we go. First thing to go, the GIANT vase/plant thingy on the mantel. I'm guessing they needed something huge to pair with the insanely large mirror, but that plant thingy, um, probably not the right option. Just sayin.

This light fixture in the foyer will go ASAP, but I love the windows above the door which
bring in natural light.
Mr. Chandelier, 1994 called and they miss you and want you back. I told them I'd send you on your merry way back to them.  

Dining room, which was a must have on my list.
Again, this light fixture will not stay.

This room is probably my favorite thanks to the glorious amounts of natural light
and the view of the river. We'll update the giant mantle and cabinetry as time and finances allow, but for now, we'll just decorate around it as we can. I'm all ears if anyone has ideas!

I like the eat-in kitchen, which has 2 fun entertaining spaces directly off it. Sliding glass doors enter onto the main deck and the glass door you see by the hideous cork artwork leads into the large, screened in porch/bar. Kitchen appliances will happen right away.

One of the bedrooms on the 3rd floor. There are 3 bedrooms with a Jack'n Jill bathroom.
That floor shall be kid land.

Our "mother in law" room. This bedroom has its own private deck off the 3rd floor, so I don't know that we'd ever put kiddos in there. I'd never sleep with visions of them falling off as little ones and then them climbing down it as teens.

Private deck view. This will also be where mommy escapes with a glass of wine and a magazine or book when she's had enough;) Friends welcome.

The screened in sunroom for reading or partying after a day on the river.
The netting was gone with the last owner, so don't panic;)
Again, friends welcome. I foresee a margarita machine in our future.

Lower level with a wall of sliding glass doors to the walk-out patio. Someday I hope to square off the columns to make them more current, but for now, I can live with them.
Patience will be my mantra as this home will take time.

Our guest bedroom that opens to the river. Friends and family, this is here and awaiting you.

Where we shall spend our days and evenings, relaxing, sunning, playing with our kids and welcoming friends and family for any gathering that can serve as an excuse to get together.

This dang house is where we hope to raise our family, our Piggy, and plant some roots.
You're all welcome to join for tubing, picnicking and being knee deep in the water somewhere, with the blue sky breeze blowing wind through your hair.
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair.



Ren said...

Congrats! Finally! It is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it in person! Love you guys!

mbagessler3 said...

Awesome news! It just was meant to be after all! Congrats, its a beautiful home :)

Mommyof2 said...

Loved reading this! It's been quite the journey for you, but what I really love is how this dang house came back to you after you pursuing it for so long. It's meant to be:) it will be the perfect place to raise Ziggy!

hmgarver421 said...


Royfam7 said...

Beautiful Brittany!! It is a perfect place for your family!