Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday High Fives

Well, we made it through what felt like one of the longest weeks ever. Anyone else feel this week was jam packed full of Mondays? I kept waiting to feel like I was making a dent in the week's work load and it never came. I guess there's always next week.

And thanks to these sanity keepers, I've made it through the last two weeks in one piece:
  • Sleeping for 10 hours, two nights in a row last weekend. Unheard of at this point in my pregnancy. Finding comfortable positions and then staying asleep is a thing of the past, so to have two nights of phenomenal sleep, well, priceless.
  • Reading the Hub's wedding ceremony that he's prepared for my cousin's wedding tomorrow. He's the officiant, so I'm already proud of his willingness to stand up for them and for writing the ceremony, and I cannot wait to see it all unfold tomorrow. Best of Luck, Tim!
  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal. This has been my one constant craving throughout this journey. I guess it could worse, right?
  • Awesome weather. It hasn't been too hot this summer for which I am very thankful. I cannot imagine being pregnant in the south at this stage. I'll take our 75-82 degree days with zero humidity for the time being.
  • Pandora radio. I'd be lost without it singing me through the work day.
  • A new milk frother for my coffee (decaf, of course). I'm sure milk frother is not the technical term, but it's the best $3 I've ever spent at Ikea. It takes boring decaf and makes it a fancy latte in seconds.
  • A fun trip to Ikea for under $16 bucks. Again, unheard of for this girl.
  • Getting closer and closer to meeting Ziggy. 6 weeks left, but who's counting? Bonus, high five, knowing we get to see Ziggy during an ultrasound next week:)
  • Seeing my cousin get married tomorrow and visiting with family from afar.
  • Celebrating the 4th with family. We did a parade, lunch on the deck, a cookout at our place and then fireworks with the Meyers clan and my in-laws. It was the perfect 4th! Only thing better would've been to spend some of it on a boat. Maybe next year?
  • The arrival of Bing cherries to our grocery stores. Those cherries always signal that summer is here.
  • Meeting sweet Cooper Rizvi for the first time on his 2nd day of breathing air. I got to hold him for about 30 minutes and I was mesmerized. He was so small and so perfect. I could've looked at him all day, but that might've creeped his parents out. It made me so excited to hold our tiny bundle soon. And with him, I can stare all I want.
Happy Friday, Y'all!!

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