Monday, July 21, 2014

Walking with Walker

One of my SC friends could use your prayer and support. On July 3rd, our friends' 3.5 year old son, Walker, had his first seizure completely out of the blue. What has unfolded since is nothing short of heartbreaking.

Walker has been in the hospital since that day with little relief and little answers. I cannot imagine what his parents are feeling, thinking and going through on a daily basis. Every hour or so, my mind drifts to them and all I can do is pray for answers, for rest for all involved and for strength for both Walker's body and brain and for his parents who have gone 18 days without answers.

From medications to diet changes to a deep, medically induced coma, the doctors in Columbia, SC are working around the clock to uncover the culprit. His seizures have not subsided even with the deep coma that they've induced to protect his brain from permanent damage.  Movement seems to trigger his seizures, but that's about all they know at this stage.

Today Walker and his mom will be transported by plane to Memphis in the hopes of meeting a team who can dig deeper for the answers they so desperately need. His dad will follow by car later today and I'm guessing their younger son, Weston, will stay behind with family. Please join me in praying that their journeys are safe and smooth and that answers await them soon. If you'd like to walk with Walker throughout his journey, you can visit He's got quite the prayer warrior team on his side rallying around him daily, but you can never have enough prayer or support.

Dear Lord, please be with the Phillips family during their journey today and in the days to come. Please keep them safe both in the air and on land as they make their way to Memphis. Please prepare the doctors and nurses there that await him. I pray that although Walker is not aware of what is going on right now, that he is fully aware of YOU and your power and love for him. Even when we are not "awake", you never sleep. You know how this will unfold and you have plans for him, great plans. Please protect his tiny body and mind. Please also be with Karie and Andy as they go through one of the biggest challenges that they may ever go through. I pray that they remain strong and unified during this time. I pray this brings them closer as a couple and closer to you. I pray that they can find rest when possible so that they have the strength to keep going when needed. Their strength has been incredible during a time when doubt would be so much easier than believing. But they've remained strong and grounded in you, and I'm so grateful for their faith that is getting them through this time. Thank you Lord for Walker and for his amazing parents. It's in your name that we walk with Walker and ask for his healing, amen.

Walker's sock monkey friend, PQ, keeping watch over him PICU.

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