Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Adding a new family member to your home is a BIG deal, especially if you're human and fully know that transition and change is a comin'. But what if you're the beloved, family dog? How do you prepare your fur babies for the new bundle of smells, sounds, coos, and attention stealing although not on purpose ways? I wish for just 5 minutes that I could speak fluent poodle. Okay, maybe I'd need more like an hour to fill in explanations for the last 11 years together, but you catch my drift.

I've read so many articles about how dogs can sense when their owner is pregnant, and I believe that to be 100% true. Piggy has been glued to my side for months. He will actually stand right next to my feet while I get ready in the mornings as to either protect me or to ensure that I haven't abandoned him for my new "litter". If he goes outside with Tim, even for 2 minutes, he sprints back in to find me as if I've suddenly run away to have this baby. It's so sweet and I love going through this exciting time with him by our side.

That was until the day we changed our guest bedroom into the nursery. You want to talk about parental guilt? Our guest bedroom is actually Piggy's bedroom. He sleeps under that bed every single day without fail. If I cannot find him, I know right where he is without too much worry. And the cutest part about it is the little "cave opening" shape he'd leave in the bed skirt when he'd scoot under there for his daily naps. It was always a dead giveaway of his whereabouts if the loud, human like snoring wasn't evidence enough.

As the Hubs and I took down his beloved guest bed, my heart just broke for him. He stood there and watched with those sad puppy eyes as "his space" was stripped away piece by piece. Once the bed was removed from the room, along with the other furniture, he began to cling to my leg. If I stood still for more than 2 seconds, he was clawing at my leg to be picked up and held. This behavior went on for the rest of the afternoon while we continued to set up baby shop.

Since that dreaded day, the Hubs and I will go sit on the floor or lay on the rug and chat in the nursery and Piggy will come in and lounge with us. I'm hoping he feels as though that can still be his room too, but it's definitely taking some time. Little does he know this is only the first of many transitions for him and us. BUT, we're a team and teams get through things together. One day at a time and a million changes all at once. And, as I hoped, he's slowly finding his way back to his special place. It's a bit smaller than his previous bed, but I'm thrilled to see him adjusting. It makes this fur-mom's heart all warm inside.

Days after we removed the guest bed he could be found trying to find his new niche.
This one didn't quite look comfortable.

This one appeared to be much more cozy, but didn't last long.
We shall call him, Piggy Locks, always searching for his new bed.

Can you spot Piggy Locks? Two days ago (about 3 weeks after we made the transition) he found his way back "home". Sawing logs and dreaming of his brother. Or maybe dreaming about chewies and long walks around the neighborhood, but we'll go with his brother anyway. It makes for a better end to the story.


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