Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nailed It

Every once in a awhile I come across a song that seems to really nail it. You know, the kind that makes you close your eyes, sing along with might, and sometimes gives you goose bumps. My homeboy, David Nail seems to achieve the "nailed it" (pun intended) status quite often. How his voice is not bigger than so many of the randoms on the country chart is beyond me. Side note, any other country fans tired of dudes just singing about beer? If I hear one more song with "grab a cup, fill it up" or "drink a beer", I might have to switch my allegiance to R&B or heavy metal. Give me some real lyrics that actually tell a story please. Everyone likes to drink beer, but not everyone should sing about it. And all the bored country fans said AMEN!

If you don't know who David Nail is, well, you should. I've loved him for about 4 years now and keep waiting for him to really take off. His time will come, I just know it. Until then, I will continue to swoon as he produces phenomenal music. AND the coolest part of Mr. Nail is that he called me on my cell phone one night just to say hey. Nope, not lying. You wanna see me break into an insta-sweat, have David Nail call me while I'm lounging on my couch in sweat pants. Boom, hot, sweaty, awkward mess.

My former boss knew that I loved David as much his wife did, so when they ran into him in Charleston after his concert and had a beer or two with him, he did the coolest thing someone's ever done for me. He asked David to call me. Best. Boss. Ever.

So there I am, on a Thursday night, watching lame TV and my phone rings. I pick it up and do the usual "hello" deal only to be greeted by a voice that I don't recognize. "Hey Brittany, do you know who this is?" came next. When I said "um, no" the male voice said "It's David Nail". Yeah right. Good one. So I said what any fan would say when meeting one of their favorite artists "Shut up. It is not." We went back and forth with a few "yes, it is" and a few more "shut ups", until I finally knew in my gut it was him. We chatted for a few minutes, I pretty much fell in love, and I've been a HUGE fan ever since. Again, if you don't know his stuff, you should. I'm doing you a favor here, friends. Youtube him. You will not regret it. Plus he's pretty. Just sayin.

Long story not short at all, I bring you one of my new favorite "Nailed it" songs. It's called "The Sound of a Million Dreams". We've all got dreams that are ours and no one else's. And his voice behind the lyrics of why he labors over his piano keys and lyrics is simply beautiful. He does it for us, hoping something he sings will hit us right. He definitely hit me right with this one.

And because I cannot share David Nail with you and not give my all time favorite Nail song a shout out, I give you "Turning Home." When I was living in Charleston, I'd lose myself in this song and all that my hometown and the people in it meant to me. And if you watch the video, his first love took place across a basketball court with a BB player and a cheerleader, which just seemed so fitting for the Hubs and I.

These lyrics are us on paper and in song...
And I don’t know no love
Like the first love
When I think about the best times
She’s the one I think of
Deep inside me
All though the taste is bittersweet
I see her smilin’ even though she’s gone
And it keeps me turning home.

So glad I turned home after all those years. He kept me turning home.

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