Monday, April 21, 2014

He Is Risen!

I loved getting on Facebook yesterday and seeing so many people declaring that He has risen. Even if for one day, even Facebook seemed a bit more hopeful.

I just love Easter. I love the hope it brings. How much more hopeful can you get than man overcoming the WORLD? Not a day, not a daunting task, not a grave illness, but the entire world? The short answer is "you can't". Death could not contain Him. Nor will it ever contain those who believe in Him and His sacrifice.

What happened on a dark and hopeless Friday, was erased for all eternity. And He did it for you. And for me. And for my unborn son and your kids and their kids. We live because He died. I'm not sure when faced with a death as brutal and as horrifying as a crucifixion, that I would be brave enough to do the same. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't, actually.

And when they declared "It is finished" they did not get the last word. It was not finished. For us, His treasured children, it had only just begun.

And so we celebrate. For His love, His mercy, His painful, inhumane sacrifice, His grace, His promise, His forgiveness, and His glory, we celebrate.

At our church there were bright colored streamers that shot out of a cannon and covered the crowd. There was worship and hands held high to the one who came to save us.

In our home there was fellowship, feasting, and prayer. There was time spent together and there was sunshine. Finally, sunshine after a dark stretch of time that felt like everything "was finished" this past winter. When we thought the sun would never shine again and flowers would refuse to rise in their usual place, we were proven wrong. The sun rose along with a feeling of hope and excitement for the days ahead.

My hope is in Him. And as I stood and sang amongst the streamers and believers, I knew that the only hope for my child is also in Him. God gave his only son so that mine may have life eternal. How do you even wrap your head around that? Or how do you say thank you enough for a gift you will never be able to repay?

I'm guessing it's in our words, our actions and how we choose to spend this life He died to give. Let's make it count. Truly make it count.

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