Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is All Around

Can anyone name the movie of which this post's title is from? Anyone?

I love to love Valentine's Day. You will NEVER find me mumbling about it being a "Hallmark holiday" or a manufactured day for everyone to run out and spend money. Never. And I honestly feel bad for the people who truly believe that. It makes me sad. When someone, anyone, gives you an opportunity to go a little overboard one day a year, why not take it? What's lost if you do participate? Absolutely nothing. The people in your life feel loved. You get to brainstorm ways, above and beyond the average day, to make those around you feel special, etc... It's a win-win.

While picking up donuts for my office this morning as a little treat, I overheard the cashiers  complain about the silliness of the holiday. Helloooooo? Do you not see me, a paying customer, giving your store some of my hard earned cash because of this so called "silly day"? After they bashed the day and the fools who spend money on it, they handed me my donuts and said "Happy Valentine's Day to you." Hmm, for some reason their well wishes felt a little hollow, but I smiled and politely said "and to you!" No one was raining on my parade, said the woman carrying out a dozen sprinkle donuts.

And in Valentine's Day fashion, I figured I'd give my special love bugs a shout out today like I did last year here:

  • To my Hubs, thanks for being my Valentine over the decades. What started in 1997 has grown over time, and where there were two people, now there are three and I'm so glad you'll be our Puppy Daddy and Baby Daddy;) Thanks for loving me through ups and downs, smiles and tears, hunger and mood swings, etc... "We're the three best friends that anyone could have..." 
  • To my family (immediate, extended and by marriage), thanks for being you. You crazy people, you. You have helped form me and guide me and your blood is my blood. If I could've hand picked you all, I would've done it the exact same as the Lord above chose.
  • To my fur baby, Piggy, I love when you wake me up for drinks of water at 12:45am and again at 3:45am because it gives me extra time throughout the night to remember that I love you. Let's try and move those reminders to 7:15pm and 9:30pm though, okay? Love you, momma.
  • To my beautiful friends, we've seen each other through single times, engaged times, wedding times and now baby times. There are no words for how excited I am to experience motherhood with you all. You're amazing mommas, and future brides (Soles), beautiful women of faith, and I'm a better person for knowing y'all.
  • To our future Small Frei, today your Daddy got you your first onsie for Valentine's Day that says "Made in Rockford". It's the cutest thing ever and I know you'll love it as much as I do. Thanks for allowing us to be your parents (although I'm pretty sure someone else had a hand in deciding that you'd be ours). We promise to not screw up more times than we get it right (I pray). And although I cannot see your face, I know I love it already.

Happy Valentine's Day, Loves!
I hope someone makes you feel special today with their words, a hug, special treat, or maybe even just a smile.
You are loved today and every day.

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