Friday, January 24, 2014

Eat More Chicken & Friday High Fives

It's a sad state affairs over here, folks. I want chicken nuggets. Like, seriously want them. And I just had them for dinner. Sad.

If you're a Facebook friend, you're probably OVER my posts yesterday about Chick-Fil-A arriving to town. I make no apologies for my excitement. Sorry, I'm not sorry. Is it about the food? Probably not 100%, but it's dang close. I'd stand to guess that it's also about what that little restaurant signifies to me as well though. It's a little sliver of home.

With a windchill of -12 and an actual temp of 0, the Hubs and I bundled up and braved the wind to support the new restaurant on its opening day. Everyone we spoke to gave warnings of "have fun waiting 3 hours" "you're nuts; it's going to take forever", etc... I just laughed and shared my confidence in the chicken. This place is not McDonald's or Taco Bell, people. They've got this, trust me. It ain't their first rodeo. And, thankfully, those chicken wizards proved me right. The place was packed with at least 50 cars in the drive-thru line, but we had ordered within 3 minutes of walking in the door. And that, friends, is how you operate a business. Fast and tasty, with fresh flowers on the tables to boot.

If you haven't been there yet, check them out. Not only is their food tasty, with many healthier options, but they are also committed to community. They've donated to EVERY event I've ever approached them about. Every single time, they say yes when I've asked "can you help?" They're committed to their faith. You will not find a Chick-Fil-A open on Sunday. That's the Lord's day and they want their employees to be able to worship and spend time with their families. Their children's toys are educational and not just chincy, plastic figurines. And lastly, they're a champion for education. If you work for them and want to go to college, they'll help you get there. It's "there pleasure". Just ask them. And that's why I've never once had less than stellar customer service within their walls.

Enough about chicken. Let's talk high fives, shall we...
  • It's Friday. Nuff said.
  • Going to see Osage County with my the girls of my family on Sunday.
  • Eating my nuggets last night and wishing I was eating them over a fountain coke with my partner in chicken crime, Tracy.
  • Becoming obsessed with "The Killing". That TV series kept me sane while being sick. If you haven't watched it, do it now. It does not disappoint. It's rare to find shows that actually have solid writing, suspense, and plots anymore. On to season 2 for this gal!
  • Having a husband who took care of me, ran countless errands for flu supplies, and even made some dinner while I was sick. I asked a lot of him in my whimpering voice and he obliged. Thanks, babe!
  • Getting to spend so much time with Wrigley, my nurse's aid over the last week. He was such a good snuggle buddy.
  • Slowly getting my appetite back.
  • Pulling off a farewell reception for our college president with just 9 business days of notice. Yep, 9. From the invitations to catering, décor, gifts, and then the party for over 300 business leaders, politicians and major donors, we did it. I'm not sure I want to ever do that again, especially while sick at home for 3 of those days, but we did it and it was wonderful.
  • Causal Fridays at work. Jeans every Friday just make my overall level of happiness a bit higher.
  • Jason's Deli opening in Rockford. Their tomato basil soup and gingerbread muffins are my homeboy.
Have a great weekend y'all! Stay Warm! 

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