Monday, December 16, 2013

Do We Stay or Should We Go Now?

We love our little home. It sits quietly on 2 acres about a mile from both of our offices. Location, location, location. And the nicest thing about our home is that when you look out our windows, you don't look directly into anyone else's yard or home. I've become so much more conscience of that when I visit other homes and research possible homes to view. I adore our space and our privacy. And I love that once we do have a family greater than the 3 of us, they'll have space to run and play and hide without annoying the neighbors.

With that being said, there's a lot that our little nest needs done. It was built in 1935, so it has cracks and flaws and old windows that I curse because I cannot get them open so we constantly have spider web "shadow boxes" going on. Ick. I love old charm in a home, but that is not anywhere close to charming.

So lately we've been playing the "what if" game a lot. And I feel like we've been playing it for months. I'm hoping to make some major progress on getting an estimate and/or contractor advice, so that we can start planning if we're staying or we're going. Literally. Is it smarter to stay and renovate and build on to make this a long term home for us? Or do we move on? I'm not 100% certain, but I do know that I long for sinks with counter space, windows that open so I can enjoy the fresh spring and fall air here that I love so much, actual, functioning closets, and a pantry. I know, I know, these are all selfish girl problems. I get it. So let me apologize now for sounding whiny or selfish. I'm sorry. I'm just tired of balancing my make-up and flat iron on the back of the toilet everyday while I get ready. Although I have gotten quite good at it. Seriously, who thought putting nothing but pedestal sinks in our home was a fun idea?

With that being said, how do you know if your home is forever home or a right now home? And how do you know how many days make up a "right now" home? Even if you love your current home, is it smarter to find something that suits your family better versus trying to create it amongst the flaws?

Being a grown up is hard work. Hard, selfish work apparently. Just being honest.

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