Friday, September 6, 2013


No, not me, sillies. BUT, one of my favorite couples in the whole wide world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their precious baby girl. Any. Day. Now. Ahhhhh! I'm beyond excited for them and for her. And I'm beyond beyond to meet her via Skype and then in person later this month.

With how excited I am for them, I just cannot imagine the amount of butterflies they must be feeling. I'm envisioning a Jurassic Park size butterfly fluttering in their stomachs as they attempt to go about their days this week and try to play it cool and calm. I give any expecting parent major credit for being able to function as a normal human being in the last few days before they meet their forever. I think I'd probably be sitting on the couch for days on end, unable to work or sleep or eat, and with every little movement or hiccup, I'm pretty certain I'd be shouting for the Hubs to "grab the hospital bag and roll out!!"

Last month when I was in SC with my girls, two of us sat on the couch with the-mom-to be amongst the beautiful chaos of girls, food, and laughter, and the three of us quietly went through the "girl" names of the Bible to see if we could predict this little one's name.  (God Bless, iPhones and Google. Seriously, Amen.) We know it's a biblical names, so one by one, we read aloud the names and tried to gauge her momma's face. This mom may just have a future career in Texas Hold'em tournaments in Vegas someday with that poker face. It was like steel, folks! And although we absolutely do not need to know her name in advance, there was just something so sweet about those 45 minutes or so together, reading names out loud on a Saturday night. Suddenly, names that I've heard and said a 1,011 times, seemed so new, so fresh and so delicate. They seemed so promising. Like all of a sudden, a name like Hannah or Lily, instantly encapsulated this new, beautiful girl with a bright future, loving and Godly parents, a safe and warm home, and the world at her fingertips. Isn't it crazy what a little, tiny bundle of hope can do to you?! Reading biblical baby names at a Bachelorette party weekend?!

So from across the miles, I'll be here in Illinois praying and awaiting this sweet girl's arrival. I'm literally beaming for her parents. I know they're going to rock this parenthood deal. This girl is going to have a blast exploring her world with those two by her side. She's one lucky Lily, or Hannah, or Ruth, or Sarah, or Shiloh, or... Am I getting closer, B & S? ;)  JK! Love you guys and praying for you!!

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