Friday, August 30, 2013

Chipmunks vs. The Bergs

Remember that one time when I found a chipmunk essentially shrink wrapped in our basement? Alive, mind you? Yeah, well, that seemed way cooler than what's happening today at our place.

As I got ready for work this morning in our quiet and peaceful home, I began hearing scratching. From inside said quiet home. With both Piggy and I standing in the same room and Tim already at the office, that left only one other option as to where the scratching could be coming from. Critters.

Knowing that we have a new hole in the base of our front door frame, I took my robe clad self to peek at where I thought some critters might be coming inside (the walls, not the actual inner-house itself). Sure enough, there lay about five large acorn tops in a pile. Oh geez, guys, so sorry that the whole nut could not fit through your new condo door! Thanks for discarding your nut casings next to the front door, you little striped mongrels.

As I'm growing increasingly more irritated whilst counting acorn tops at 7:45am, something catches my eye on our living room couch. Don't panic, it wasn't another shrink wrapped chippie! There, on our suede sofa lay little clumps and streaks of mud. Are you joking??? These fools have somehow gotten into the ever loving house and are chilling on my couch while I'm sleeping???? Someone is going to die. I love animals, but I despise them when they're on my couch with muddy little feet and topless acorns.

Folks, I don't even know where to start with this mess. What comes first? The blocking of the hole or the trapping of the munks? If we block the hole and they're inside the walls, will they find another hole and escape or will families of not so innocent munks starve to death in our walls??? The horror of it all.

I wish we could all just sit down and have a little heart to heart. "Look guys, I'll stay out of your woods and away from your nuts, and you keep your distance from my walls and keep your feet off of my couch. No one has to die here. Really. Deal?"

And before I close and attempt to catch some munks, my real question is where are they after they chilled on my couch? Are they stinkin loose in my house right now?? If I come home to mud on my pillow today, it's going to be World War Chippies!!! Believe it.

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