Friday, June 21, 2013

Don't Rain on My...

...Parade Garage Sale. It's been rumored that I have "hoarder" tendencies. I take no claim on those accusations. I like to collect. Not hoard. Those are two totally different things. Right?

After moving in as husband and wife, we found that a lot of our items were duplicates or just plain things that we didn't want or need as we started a fresh life together. Translation, our basement has been a cave of where future yard sale items go to die. It's been like a maze down there and I WANT THE STUFF GONE. I'm convinced we're providing spider condominiums down there. Pretty sure of it, actually.

All week I've been working on the sale. Cleaning, organizing, pricing, sorting, hauling, lifting, cursing the day I bought things, etc... And today, the BIG day when the sale kicks off at 1pm, the clouds have parted rolled in, along with darkness, looming hail the size of golf balls, thunder, lightning, and rain and high winds. Lovely.

We've already lost power once and each time the storm alert radio sounds throughout the office, I die a little inside. I just told a coworker that I was leaving at 10:30am to go drink heavily amongst the mounds of clutter in my garage and house. Clearly, I was kidding. Sort of. Not really.

Why??????? Why, storm why today? No, I don't want to head to the office basement in case of tornado. I want to be in my driveway peddling items to people who probably don't even need my old blender in the first place.

And just to give you a beautiful look at what we're experiencing right now, here you go, friends. Eat your heart out.  That is the storm image on our Doppler right now. See the bright red area? Yeah, that's directly over us.

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