Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Husband's Perspective, Part 2

As we wrap up the anniversary talk and move on to more celebrations like the hubs' Birthday and our annual Freibergapalooza trip next, I wanted to share Tim's final thoughts after 365 days of wedded bliss;)

And although he's not always a man of many words, I for one, have loved seeing his side of our little story through his written voice. So thanks for humoring us this week, friends. Consider it your anniversary gift to us. No really, you shouldn't have!

Me: What's one or two things that challenged you, that you weren't expecting?

 Tim: The first thing that has been challenging for me (especially after having lived as a single, adult male for 14 years) is that getting married is essentially like moving back in with your mom. And I don't mean that negatively. What I mean is, when you live by yourself, you can do things of your own accord. For instance, if I wanted to leave a dirty plate in the sink for say....a week, I was more than able to do that in my previous existence. Or if I didn't change my sheets for 3 weeks, again, perfectly fine. These things would have never flown when I lived with my mom and they certainly don't fly now. The challenge really lies in adjusting to what the other person is use to or wants. I still don't see a major issue if I use my towel for 7 days straight, but I am now expected to wash it more regularly, so I do.....happily. It has just been one of the challenges that you never really think about beforehand or really expect. Not because it isn't important, just because you never think about things like that or never think that someone else might do them differently and want you to change. Plus, I am apparently an odd person, so I have A LOT of things that I need to adjust and it's just darn hard remembering them all.

The other thing that has been challenging is just living with a woman. Sure, I grew up with a mom and two sisters, but that was family. We could yell, cuss, fight and it seemed normal because we were siblings. So now I find myself in a maze of trying to figure out a woman's emotions and thoughts. I have no idea how these two things EVER come together in a woman's head, but I am desperately trying to learn. So she may not "tell" you that she is thinking something or wants you to do something, but you should somehow know on your own. I still don't know how it works and I am guessing I never will, but it has certainly been a learning experience and something I think you may get use to....probably about the time you are too old to have it do you any good.

Me: If you could sum up our first year in 3-4 words, what would they be?

Tim: Exciting, challenging, a learning experience and one of the best experiences a person could go through.
Special thanks to Tim for playing along this week. You're a good sport, sweets! And as all good sports deserve, please find these handsome, as well as embarrassing photos below as my heartfelt thank you;)

Oh so handsome.

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