Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crushing on My Men

There are many reasons that I love my husband, but texts like this rank right up there.

I know that NO ONE can ever love our little Piggy more than I do, but Tim is certainly creeping into the poodle love-fest more and more every day. Gotta love a grown man who can proudly walk his poodle down the road.
And just because he's cute and I'm an overly proud momma, here he is again so you can get a better look at our sunny, happy boy:
And of course, silly moments like the one below also help my crush:
While listening to Jason Aldean's new song "1994" together while driving down the road-
Hubs singing along- "Jump, jump, jump with me."
Me- "What are you saying?"
Hubs- "He's (J. Aldean) singing "Jump, jump, jump with me."
Me- "Um, no sir. He's singing 'Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie'. Duh."
So come on Joe Diffie, jump with us, will you?


1 comment:

mama spike said...

It's kind of like "salt lick ball" and " ya wanna sheparerra with me". Love it!