Monday, April 29, 2013

Viva Nash-Vegas

This past weekend saw two stories of survival. One, the survival of 5 friends who ran the St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon in 50 degree weather and a colossal monsoon, with only a touch of mild-hypothermia. No, seriously. There was a fainting spell with one of our runners. These 5 are either crazy or stupid. I'll let you decide which one.

And the second survival, one wife in a car with 2 dudes for 18 hours round trip. I'm either crazy or stupid. I'll let you decide which one. Just kidding, they were great.

So about 3 hours into our journey, this happened:) Chick-fil-A is a special treat for this once southern girl gone back to her roots. The best part of this story is that we not-so-quickly realized about 15 minutes off the interstate that this Fil-A was located on the Univ. of Illinois campus. In their student center. I sure did march in there in my yoga pants and hoodie  like we owned the place. Nothing was going to stand between me and my nuggets.

After our runners completed their race on saturday (the hubs completed his Half in 1:45, congrats, Timmy!), we all went out for a little post race celebration in mid-town Nashville, which is always a great way to spend a day. We had to pump some food into their systems first to combat the hunger and body depletion that they were experiencing. Have you seen those Snickers commercials where the dudes get so hungry that they turn into Betty White and other divas? Good Lord, someone should warn a new wife that those commercials become VERY real after your spouse runs a very long distance race. Luckily once we got some flat bread into my diva  husband, everything was right with the world again. Also getting a Bushwacker into his system didn't hurt the situation either. Think Wendy's Frosty with some many adult libations swirled in for good measure. Who needs a Snickers when you can have a Bushwacker?

This trip held many laughs, good cuddle time with our friends' sweet baby boy, a small dance party in the backyard, etc... We always LOVE our friends' hospitality in Nashville. There's always fun plans, great food compliments of our friend and home-chef, Pete, and ample amounts of great, live music. It's always sad to leave them and the amazing city of Nashville.

And just for grins and giggles, check out a few of the places that we decided to pass on for a quick road trip meal along our route home. I bring you:

Seriously, who approved the Just Nuts Hut?

Thanks, but no thanks on the Kinmundy slaughter house as well. That made me want to vomit and/or cry.

And now you know how I got roped into a stop at the Waffle House. You know you're in trouble when the awful Waffle is among the safest choices on your GPS. My take on it after avoiding it for SO long: it's much like Denny's but way dirtier, way louder, and a lot less teeth (how is that even possible??!!). I ordered my hash browns smothered, chunked, choked, gagged, cringed, and appalled. Mission accomplished.

Until next time, music row...
Thanks for the entertainment and hospitality. You're always a great time!

*I apparently don't take photos of people, only drinks and GPS shots. My bad.


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