Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brotha' From the Same Motha'

With the hubs and I preparing for a trip to Nashville soon, we had to make very important accommodation plans for our fur-love, Piggy. I figured it was a long shot when I asked my brother to house and dog sit, but surprisingly he said yes. Thanks, Tito!

I've been busy compiling lists upon lists for my bro so that he's armed with all my Piggy wisdom, and can take the best care of our little man as possible. Tim keeps laughing at how many lists and notes I've left around the house. At one point he asked if I was "going to mark all of our wine and liquor bottles so that I could see if the little bro snuck any drinks or had a party". And by my "little bro", I mean the dude who is 31 and 6'3.

As I sat writing my 3rd page of notes (What?? They're small pieces of paper!), I wondered "if I make this many lists for a small toy poodle, how many am I going to make when we start to have children who then have babysitters?" There might not be enough paper in the world. I'm going to need MUCH bigger pieces of paper.

As I chatted with my bro over the phone about Pig's daily routine, warning him about the wildlife in our yard, etc...I began to share the details of his sleeping arrangements. We have 2 guest bedrooms, so I was clarifying which room I'd put him in he interrupted me with "I want to sleep in the room with the least amount of bugs." Um, okay? Who says that?!

1. We don't have bugs. Don't get me wrong, we have your typical house spiders and the occasional boxeldier bug, but he said it so mater of fact like we were running some roach motel or secretly harvesting spiders for the black market.

2. That, folks, is how I know we are 100% related. I've laughed on and off for the last 24 hours about his sincere statement. He's my blood and he's my fellow phobic. Call us weird, call us paranoid, but these quirks and fears pump through our veins. I'm 34 and I still do a "spider check" in my bed every. single. night. To know us is to love us or to be tragically annoyed by us. We're a Meyers and we don't do bugs, or germs, or dirt. I guess it's that simple and that mater of fact.

If I wasn't afraid he'd pack up and leave our Piggy all alone, I'd put a plastic roach in his bed like a big sister should. #Tempting #WithTheLeastAmountOfBugs

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Tim Freiberg said...

Did I tell you I put several plastic spiders underneath the sheets in that room?? He will love it!!! And I only did it because Pig told me to, so you can blame him. Guess he needed a little entertainment while we were gone....