Monday, April 8, 2013

Ahhh, Anthropologie

I seriously want to live inside of an Anthropologie store. Do you remember the movie Where the Heart Is? I want that to happen to me, but inside of Anthro and without the giving birth in the store part, of course.

I'm convinced that their staff is made up the coolest, most whimsical people around. They rank right up there for me with the women who write for Curly Girl Designs and the creative geniuses behind the Subaru commercials. Hands down, best car commercials around. Ever. I have yet to own one of their vehicles, but I still fall in love with their brilliance every time they unroll a new commercial.

Here are just a few reasons that I love me some Anthro...color (they had me at aqua, coral, and navy), fantastic design, twine, whimsy,playfulness, and a touch of the sea that calls my name daily. Ahhhh.

Who doesn't want a rabbit head for a drawer pull? I do, I do. Pick me!

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