Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We've Created a Monster

For anyone that truly knows me, it's no secret that I love my dog. He's my first born, but this fur child is spoiled naughty rotten, y'all! I've always joked that Wrigley is a real boy, much like Pinocchio. After the last few weeks, I'm convinced that he really is a real boy and one morning I'm going to wake to find a 10 year old kid with brown curls and huge brown eyes staring at me.

Thanks to Wrigley's spoiled rotten nighttime ritual, our boy must do the following before he settles in for the night (if he settles, that is):
  • Get his nightly serving of Carmex from both mom and dad. Yep, our dog is obsessed with Carmex, as in chap stick. He will seriously dive bomb your face to get to the stuff.
  • Lay right in between our faces while we recap the day before the light go out.
  • Spend his first few minutes sprawled out on our pillows. This newly wed doesn't fight with her hubby for pillow or bed space, I fight for it with my 10 lb. toy poodle.
  • And lastly, his newest obsession...his nighttime water drink from the night stand.
    • We now have to fill up 3, yes three, water glasses before bedtime, because apparently our little diva gets thirsty about 2-4 times a night now.
    • If he wakes up thirsty, he will literally stand on my legs or chest until I wake up, grab his drink, hold it at the perfect angle so that he can take his 15-30 licks, all without spilling water on my side of the bed. What is wrong with this picture?
What started out as a cute joke one night has now begun to cost me precious sleep time every single night. Check out the diva in action below. *Disclaimer, he only drinks out of his own glass. I love him to pieces, but I will NOT share a drinking glass with my dog.

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