Monday, July 12, 2010

Proof that God Loves Us...

...and wanted to knock our socks off every once in awhile.

There are certain things and times when I am brought to a screeching halt by either beauty or sheer amazement, and since I am in a list making mood lately I felt like sharing them today:

  1. Lightning Bugs. Seriously?! They are so pretty and show you that sometimes God had "oh yeah, and you thought that was cool? Watch this..." moments. Love em!

  2. Cotton Candy Sunsets. How can you not look at those pale pink, purple and orange swirls and not believe that someone so creative and loving made them and us?

  3. Mountains. He didn't have to make the peaks and the valleys but He did and they are breathtaking.

  4. The Ocean. How can something so powerful, raging, and larger and farther than the eye can see be so calming and soothing at the same time.

  5. Laughing til it hurts and you can't breathe. Nothing has ever felt better.

  6. Ultrasounds and seeing someone's face for the very first time.

  7. McGriddles. Straight from the Lord himself.


hmgarver421 said...

You had me tearing up at the ultrasound and laughing out loud at the mcgriddles! miss you!

BrittM said...

Thanks, Hill! I'm convinced McGriddles are in Heaven. They are His way of loving us and wanting us to be happy;)