Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Love looks Like

  • An exhausted new mom who's first child has health issues that would wear out even the most veteran of mothers and turn them into an emotional and physical wreck, yet she stays strong, never complains, and works day and night to care for her precious gift.
  • Someone I see once every two years requesting my support letter for Nicaragua when I assumed I couldn't ask them to donate a 3rd year in a row. That email melted my heart and showed me that even my supporters have grown fond of serving the people of Managua.
  • Friends listening with tears rolling down their face as another friend describes the loss of a loved one recently. When no one cries alone in a room or on the beach, you know love is there.
  • A group of women taking the time to write get well cards to people they've never met just to let them know someone is praying for them. Miles away.
  • A work-a-holic setting his work schedule aside to board a plane to Haiti this weekend to lend his hands and heart and hopefully help in the rebuilding process. I am guessing both parties will be "rebuilt".
  • Someone paying for the tux of a special needs child they've never met before so he can go to "Prom" and have a night to remember as every teenager should.
  • That same teenager purchasing a jewelry box and card letting the woman who covered his Prom expenses know that she made a lasting difference.

What does love look like to you?

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