Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 Things I Learned on My Summer Concert Tour

This past weekend I embarked on my summer concert tour, aka...I went to two concerts in two days, and felt like I learned a few things along the way. Here we go:
10. 2 awesome shows in a 24 hour span kicks my tail. I do not bounce back like I used too.
9. Last weekend was about as Rock Star as I get. Sadly, I am okay with that.
8. The restrooms at the DI Tennis Center feel like saunas in June. Port-o-potties are the way to go. I'd rather feel creeped out than have my make-up sliding down my face before the show even starts.
7. Concert vendors sell gianormous beers but teeny, tiny bottles of water. It's June, it's 90 degrees, we're in the sun. Please do not sell me Polly Pocket size Aquafinas or it's gonna get ugly.
6. Rock reaches all ages and seems to be a universal language for all demographics which makes for amazing people watching.
5. The light show at a Daughtry concert can cause you to go into a seizure. True story. Not mine but a pretty blonde lady's.
4. Zac Brown makes me happy and the lead singer of Lifehouse makes me swoon. Both men= worth every penny.
3. I heart concerts.
2. Who knew the dramatic dropping of a huge white sheet could make me jump up and down like a little kid? That 1.5 minutes as the show started was like Christmas morning on crack.
1. Don't let the bow on my dress fool you. I can rock out with the best of em!

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