Friday, May 7, 2010

The Same

I am tired of putting on the same ole outfits, of getting into the same ole car that has chosen not to unlock anymore and then climbing through the same ole trunk when I forget the above mentioned locks don't work. I'm tired of looking the same when I try to vary my make-up pallet, and am definitely tired of the same ole frizzy, southern weather hatin hair. I'm tired of not feeling very creative when I want to be and am tired of cooking the same ole meals due to lack of time or energy. I'm tired of looking at my same ole windows in my bedroom that are desperately seeking curtains that I cannot seem to commit too.


I'm loving the same ole beach that I've been blessed enough to live near for the last 13 years. I'm loving that my same ole friends from 6 and 7 years ago are still my friends regardless of ups and downs, boy drama, and distance. I'm loving that a margarita here can instantly make me appreciate the same ole sun, summer, and citrus as I do while traveling. I'm loving that the same ole calls home to chat with my folks can make me just as happy as they did when I first left home in 1997. I'm excited that the same ole sport that I gave much of my life too for 13 years is starting to creep back into the void it left when I hung up my skates. I'm loving that although my car doesn't unlock, I can still get in the same ole thing with the windows down, the music up, and somehow forget how ghetto it's become over the years. I'm loving that this same ole blog still gives me a creative outlet when nothing else seems too.

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