Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day If Pigs Could Fly...

...or at least if they could talk and drive, I know my favorite little Piggy would have driven to Target this weekend to pick out the sweetest card and mom's favorite treats: nerd ropes, peanut butter m&m's, and a fountain coke. Then, based on his sweet nature, I'm guessing he'd go to the store for momma's favorite flowers, Gerber Daisies. He probably would've gotten up super early, gone out to the kitchen and made my favorite vanilla and cinnamon french toast, bacon, and coffee. And then he'd probably ask me if I wanted to be cuddled, loved on, had my belly scratched, while we watched a Lifetime movie or two on the couch.

To save him the trip to store and the hassle, I made his favorite breakfast, which also happens to be his favorite dinner, made my own coffee and grabbed a day old Krispy Kreme. We then had a cuddle fest on the couch, while I loved on him and scratched his belly until it was time to go to church. For a brief moment he looked up at me with his sweet puppy eyes and I knew that without words he was saying "Momma, I'd do all of those things for you if I could." And with that one look, I had the best doggie Mother's Day ever. I love that lil man!

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