Friday, January 15, 2010

What I Learned While 30...

Life can change in a moment’s notice. 30 was a way easier year for me than 29. Thank God for employment! Proms are still fun at 30 years old. Getting to be on 2 prom courts in one lifetime is pretty fun. Owning a home is an on going project…year 2 in my new home and I still need to hang curtains and paint a few rooms. I love having my little brother back in the states. I hate it when he returns to China. Miracles still happen daily ~Matt Honson. I am stronger than I think I am when I really dig down deep. The magic of your first mission trip is different than the realness of your second. Some people will surprise you with their generosity. Some people will shock you with their cruelness. I continue to love my dog deeper on a daily basis, even when I thought I couldn’t love him more. Watching a friend go through a miscarriage is way more painful than they depict in movies/TV. Watching your friends have their first baby is one of the most beautiful moments. I still love birthdays and want to celebrate Birthday Eves with my children when I one day have them. I miss my family a little more with every year that I am here and they are there. I am still addicted to Law & Order SVU after 3 years and am confident that Benson and Stabler and I would make awesome friends. Guns scare me. I mean they really scare me. A fountain coke can make any day better. Snorkeling is not for me. Playing in the snow is as fun now as it was as a child. Trying to sled on a Frisbee does not work. AND the first days a 31 year old doesn’t sting as badly as I thought.

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