Monday, January 4, 2010

Sianaro 2009!

As I look ahead at the potential greatness that 2010 may hold, I want to take a day or two to reflect on the things that I’d LOVE to see happen as we move ahead. HOWEVER, before I do I’d like to take a look at a few things I’d love to NOT SEE again in 2010 as well.

Here we go…2009 can kindly keep in it’s grasp:

• The increasing number of gray hairs that have started to surface. Thank you very much.
• The Jersey Shore series.
• Any more iconic changes that stop me in my tracks. Note: Michael Jackson’s death, The Gosselin split, and Oprah’s retirement. Please Oprah, you’re young, there’s still time to retire at a later date. Preferably 2034.
• The inclusion of water chestnuts in every Chinese dish I order.
• Taking things too personally. *Refer back to 2007’s resolution “act like a duck and let things roll off your feathers.”
• Libby’s pumpkin shortages. No pumpkin bread?? What a scare for awhile!
• The Bachelor being a tool. I still have faith in you ABC, don’t disappoint.
• Unexpected deaths that rock the people I love worlds’. 2009 was a sad one for sure.
• Economic worries, woes, and effects. My poor, naked Christmas tree (in SC) looked like a Toys for Tots commercial.
• High profile men who have the world at their grasp yet cheat on their wife and kids. You guys are not giving me much to hope for, jerks.
• My lack of motivation for the gym.
• Sharks. (A girl can dream, right?!)

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