Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So my best friend is moving to DC tomorrow. Decision made, check. Going away parties held, check. Movers on their way to DC with her belongings, check. Final goodbye said to best friend, no. Why? Simply because I don’t want to say it. In my mind, if I put it off then it isn’t really happening until the said goodbye is, well, said I guess.

When I do have moments when I am a bit sad, I hear from myself and those around me “she’ll still be your best friend” or “now you have an excuse to go and visit DC”. I agree with those statements and know all of those things beyond a shadow of a doubt. BUT what I am sad about (and I only let myself be sad when she’s not around because I AM really excited for her and this stage in her life, so please know I am not crying all the time and saying “poor me”) is just simply not having her here. With us. In Charleston.

She and I have always joked that if we weren’t both girls we’d be perfect for each other and make a great married couple. We love almost all of the same things, and the things that I dislike, she usually loves so that when we go out to eat we can trade her onions for my tomatoes, and so on. She’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister as we’ve not only been friends, but also roommates and lived together thus spending a LOT of time together. All in all, I’m just going to miss her presence, her love for country music and attending countless concerts together, our trips to the Fair together, road trips, shopping with stops for pretzels and fountain cokes, etc…

I guess goodbye is inevitable, but it doesn’t make it any easier.


hmgarver421 said...

:( Big hugs, Britt. I wish that made it easier, but I know it doesn't. You are both lucky to have each other! xoxo

WGraham said...

so, i totally wanted to be "anonymous" but it wouldn't let me...??...oh well! you wouldve figured it out anyway!
So here's just a few words of encouragement...hopefully!
Obviously, you know I know alot about best friends moving away. And I totally understand the feeling of being happy for them, but still very sad inside for yourself. the only real difference we share is my friend is "moving" to Baghdad. not exactly a vacation spot for me, like DC will be for you ;)
Anyway, during this past weekend while high in the mts and sleeping in tents in 30 degree wether, God revealed to me 3 awesome things about best friends moving away. 1. They WILL miss you, as much as you miss them! At least YOU KNOW that they care about you, and love you right back! Her phone call will always be there, the weekend visit with always be there, and most importantly, the thoughts and feelings that Best friends share towards eachother, will ALWAYS be there... no matter the distance between the two. 2. Just when you have a best friend moving away, God places someone, or many, new friendly faces in your life! Yes, they arent your best friend, and Im not saying try to replace her...but there are new faces, and new experiences, and maybe even new life lessons they can teach you! These new friends can refresh your spirit and make you realize a truer sense of sense, as you get to know them as well!
Ok, last thing...3. A best friend moving away, can be a great time to refocus on your friendship with God, and yourself! Take time to listen for his voice, study his word, and strengthen your walk! Maybe the next season of your life is one of reflection and redirection and He needs ALL of you to make it that happen! Allow God to make you a better version of yourself over the next few months! ;)
Ok, done rambling! Sorry if none of that made sense... just thought i would share!
Stay strong in Him... and go print some directions to DC off mapquest! ;)
Always a friend...