Monday, July 27, 2009

A Story. Not My Own, But So Much More Important.

I've had a bit of blogger's block over the last week or so. That was until just 2 minutes ago thanks to Facebook. After perusing the "photos" section, I stumbled across an album from a friend's recent mission trip to Kenya. To say I was humbled by their photos would be putting it lightly. Awestruck seems more appropriate.

When I used to debate with my Christian friends on why I was fine having my "private" relationship with the Lord, why I was fully justified in not attending church because I didn't need an establishment to serve God, etc...I would usually end by letting them know I didn't want to become the kind of Christian they were partly because I loved the U.S. You see growing up I never wanted to leave the states and seeing the world just didn't do it for me. I told them that I didn't want to become a missionary one day and had no desire to travel to Africa and help people there. I was fine here and I knew if I did what they were asking of me, if I gave my life to the Lord, surely God would send me to Africa. Ugh.

Fast-forward 9 years. I've still never been forced to go to Africa. I've never been forced to go anywhere I didn't want to go for that matter. God has changed my heart. God did lead me to Nicaragua. It wasn't as bad as I thought 9 years ago. I hope one day He leads me to Africa. I'm not ready yet for the desert. One day I hope to be.

Their story is below. I'm not going to attach my words, as it wasn't my trip and I don't have a first hand glimpse into what it was like. I think his photos tell the story. I simply wanted to share with you the faces of the people that were touched. The lives that were changed. And the land that was blessed. You'll see faces, people, prayers, desperation, love, drought, faith, and rain. The land hadn't seen rain in 3 years. These men were desperate. Prayer can change things and it did. Rain drops on a dirty grey t-shirt have never looked so good.

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