Thursday, June 18, 2009

TCF Staff Retreat='s Ropes Course. Bring it!

While some members of our staff complain, threaten to not participate, and moan over the challenge, I’m getting my game face on. Seriously, I’ve got my camouflage shorts ready, got the eye black ready, now all I need is a skull and cross bone bandanna and I’m set for some serious staff-wide fun!

Who doesn’t want to try and hoist their entire office team over a 15 foot wall while only using ourselves sans ropes and ladders? I do, I do. Running and climbing until I puke in the 90 degree weather? Um yes, please. Speculating every day from now until July 8th on who I think will refuse to partake in such activities? Duh, sign me up!

It’s time for us paper pushers to get a little dirt on our hands and faces. We can save the moaning and complaining for July 10th when none of us can move!

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