Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Governor Rant

Apparently the SC Governor is “missing”. People are freaking out around me. Judgments are flowing like wine. Comments have been made that he’s hiding something, maybe’s he’s had a nervous breakdown, finally maybe we’ll get a new Governor, etc…

WHO CARES?! Seriously people, he didn’t vanish into thin air. He wasn’t abducted at gun point. He did not flee with the state’s budget money. He simply took a break from you crazies. If his wife isn’t worried, why should you be worried? Can our leaders not take a break from their jobs?

Last time I checked, my boss did not have to clear it with me if he needed to shut his office door to work on something, if he needed to work from home to focus, or if he felt the need to take a hike, literally. And if Mark Sanford did have a break down, can you blame him in this economy?! Can you blame him when half the state feels the need to critique how he spends his time?

Maybe he isn’t the only one who should take a hike. Just sayin.

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