Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heaven on a Stick

After brainstorming ideas for something new, something with flare, to bring on my “breakfast day” at the office, I recently discovered a new breakfast treat. Surely there was something other than bagels, donuts, and cereal one can chose from to treat her co-workers to breakfast. Other co-workers had gone for yogurt parfait stations, gourmet muffins the size of my head, homemade goodies, etc… How does one top such meals, especially on a budget?!

Can’t beat ‘em? Can’t join ‘em? What’s left but to do a complete 180! (Insert the frozen food isle) That is where I stumbled across a little slice of heaven on a stick. Piggies ‘n Pancakes...What?! A sausage link, wrapped in a pancake, the hint of syrup, all atop a wooden stick. Who knew such a thing existed? Suddenly the fair meets breakfast. It’s brilliant really!

Friday and again this morning I gave in to my urge for a Piggie ‘n Pancake. I sat in my cubicle and allowed two worlds collide…the fair meets my office. Never before have I been more content under the florescent lighting, amongst the piles of paper and low hum of the copy machines.

Now if only I can figure out how to turn my desk into a ski ball machine…

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