Friday, October 10, 2008


This past weekend 5 girls from SC, DC, and Texas embarked on a Girl's Weekend to Chicago for some much needed "girly" time and a little light hearted fun. Staying on the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago with 4 of your girlfriends is kind of like letting a sugar-deprived 6 year old loose in Wonka World. The sights of shiny store windows, the smell of coffee and corner bakeries, and the hustle and bustle of the fast paced Chicago lifestyle can be pretty overwhelming! Luckily for my bank account, my recent trip to a third world country helped put the shopping spree that lay in front of me into perspective (although I slipped up in Forever 21).

With shopping, amazing food, and lots of laughter in toe, we headed out on Saturday night for the main event...the New Kids on the Block Reunion Tour! Holla at your girl! Although what started off as a fun night to laugh about and be somewhat embarrassed about, turned into 2 of the most exciting hours of my life (sad but true)! NKOTB is back ladies and gents and I don't care who knows that I am a fan!

These boys sang and danced, possibly even better than they did in their prime, for over two hours straight. What that meant for their committed, faithful, adoring fans is that we sang, screamed and jumped up and down for over two hours straight. As a light show kicked off the concert and began to spell out the letters NKOTB (see photo above) I was instantly back in the sixth grade. When they started to arise out of the floor in the opening moments, I thought my heart was going to burst and I am pretty sure my vocal cords nearly did just that. I was young again and I was in love again with Joey and Donnie. Bald or not, Donnie still rocks and Joey still has the best hair ever. Period.

Thanks NKOTB for letting 6 girls (we picked up a 6th friend for the night thanks to a Craigslist posting we posted) feel young again. You gave us a chance to forget about everything life has taught us over the last 17 or so years and for one night we got to be little girls again without a care in the world, with smiles plastered all over our faces, with tears streaming down cheeks (Tracy and Mary;), and you let us through "coolness" right out the windows of the Allstate Arena. You're still hot, you can still sing, and 4 out of 5 of you still have full head's of hair. Rock on NKOTB!!!!

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