Monday, September 29, 2008


At The Citadel there is a section in the cadet's newspaper entitled "The Why Column". The Whys are always my favorite to read and it is the first section I've flipped to over my 10 year relationship with this great institution. As I am exhaustively sitting in my cubicle after working all weekend, I figured I'd send out my own "whys" today.

Why do I have to work all weekend, yet I do not receive comp time like our Assistant does? I do not make what a Director makes however when it comes to comp time all of a sudden I am granted Director status and must be back at work Monday morning?

Why does no one in my office communicate with each other?
Why did we have 4 hours of our Annual Staff Retreat designated to better communication practices and still no one communicates?
Why am I covering two positions now and being paid for one?
Why do I wish I was in 100 degree weather, dripping with sweat in Nicaragua, as opposed to sitting on my cushioned chair in our air conditioned office?

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Nathan said...

Maybe we should talk about that last question... :-)