Monday, September 15, 2008

Reunited....and it feels so good!

This past weekend we had our Nicaragua team reunion at Yomato's and it was SO good to see everyone! I'm always excited to see friends after a break in our hang-out bouts, but this reunion was different. I was genuinely grinning ear to ear as I got to hug the people who I've been missing since Aug. 18th. Everyone looked so beautiful with their hair and make-up done and in clothing that didn't entail scrubs and/or pajamas. Although I learned over our 10 trip that these 18 people were gorgeous inside and out, it was still awesome to see everyone so fresh, happy and healthy.

Dinner was spent eating and catching up with those that were seated close enough to chat with and afterwards, those brave enough to make the drive to Hanahan ( home) were my guests for coffee and desserts. It was great to relax, sit on the floor, and catch up with the girls. God blessed me with great roommies while I was on that trip and I hope that our friendships continue to grow in the states!


Nathan said...

I wish we could've been there! We miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

What a great night! It was so awesome to see yall again! Maybe we should go ahead and plan another get together for November so people will actually be able to fit it into their busy schedules! We have to play catch phrase next time we all get together! It would be a fun group to play it with!