Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Terrible Tuesday

Although I do not plan on using this blogsite as a venting post, today I am going to be self absorbed and vent my little heart out so I’ll apologize in advance.

Today is Tuesday. Monday, the hardest day of the week is behind me and I am one step closer to the weekend. However, I would rather do yesterday over and over again if it means that today, Terrible Tuesday, would cease to exist.

For starters, I took a Tylenol PM last night since I wasn’t feeling well and needed to get some sleep. “Tylenol PM” nights equal “sleep through my alarm” mornings and unfortunately I awoke in a panic, have on minimal make-up and have been hiding in my cubicle due to my mismatched outfit that seemed like a “creative” option this morning.

Upon opening my email once I made it to the office, I find an RSVP to a Steering Committee meeting I am hosting for The Citadel Graduate College in two weeks. I worked really hard on the invitee list, narrowing 800 potential invitees to 49 based on giving history, community involvement, yadda yadda. One would think an invite of this stature would be an honor, however Mr. Negative-Pants (as I will call him) not only replies in the negative, but proceeds to berate me for even selecting him as he states “has never been a leader in his career, college nor community”. The response was three paragraphs long listing every reason he shouldn’t have been invited and ends with a chipper “and whomever selected me to be invited to this meeting should be taken out to The Citadel parade deck and shot”. Well, alrighty then! A simple “no, thank you” would’ve sufficed, Mr. Negative-Pants!

Shortly after that little nugget of sunshine in email form was read, I proceeded to get another email letting me know of a large mistake that I had made at work. I will not vent about this incident as it is better kept to my thoughts to myself, but needless to say, it added to my day of drama. And to put the icing on the cake, I went to the restroom to blow my nose after my string of upsetting emails and proceeded to smack, yes smack, my forehead on the new automatic paper towel dispenser. The smack was loud, it hurt, and it gave me a nice red welt for an hour or two. How did I manage to hit my head on the paper towel dispenser? No clue. I guess it was just in the cards.

In conclusion, Terrible Tuesday stinks. I have one more hour left of my work day and then I am driving home (10 miles under the speed limit just in case), getting in my bed, and not moving until my alarm clock notifies me that it is Wednesday . Wonderful “what’s going to happen to me today” Wednesday.


Scott said...

Made my day look like one at Disney! Go to the refrig when you get home and grab two cold ones! One for your head and one for sipping as you sit on your back porch and reflect on the day. In the grand scheme of things you still have all your limbs and vital organs, no animals were injured in the course of filming and you have another day in the que tomorrow to get it right. Besides, while no comfort to you, your antics made me laugh a little so think of all the good your day will do for those who venture on to Britt's Blog... Take Two!

mama spike said...

Poor Baboo! I had to laugh when I read this. I was sorry to hear about your morning but, if it makes you feel any better yesterday and today I too had problems getting to work. Yesterday (Monday) my alarm didn't go off and then today (Tuesday) my alarm went off as planned at 6:45am however, as I stumbled into the bathroom to take my shower I looked at the clock and it was 7:33am! I flew into panic mode and managed to make it to work to greet my patients by 7:59am. Like Mother like Daughter. Thank God that he gives us enough Grace to make through each day and beyond! Love ya!