Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday High Fives

We made it, friends! Cheers to a short week thanks to the amazing works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which always falls on the weekend of my birthday. Lucky me.

This week's high-fives were brought to me compliments of:

Aveda Stress-Fix- This cream smells ah-mazing, y'all. I feel like I'm at the spa every time I crack it open and my skin cannot get enough during these ridiculously dry winter months.

The return of my favorite TV shows after the holiday break. I probably watch too much TV once the Munchie goes to bed, but for now, I welcome the mindless entertainment. Judge if you must.

Snuggle time with our Munchie in the morning. With the low temps and our living room being a wall of 15ft windows, it's much more cozy for Nash and I to snuggle in our bed while he drinks his bottle. We watch Mickey, cuddle and dream of staying there all day.
This fellow below, and not because he's handsome, but because I've been digging his music for awhile now. He's a welcomed change of pace from the other country stars I've heard lately.
Give him a listen.
These beauties brightening up our kitchen for over a week now. If you're local and looking for flowers that last, give Kings Flowers a call! Special shout out to the Hubs, for sending them for my Bday. There's nothing better than a floral delivery, am I right?!
Welcoming Bessie into our family. I have been waiting patiently for Bessie to circulate back through DecorSteals and when she did, I snagged her up. What's even more fun, you ask? Placing her on the Hub's pillow for a creepy, little surprise:) Side note, friends who don't live in the Midwest will most likely not understand why anyone would anxiously await a cow head d├ęcor piece.
#WeLoveCows #FarmhouseChicForTheWin
Receiving pictures from daycare. These snapshots into Munch's day make me oh so happy. AND how adorable is our baby holding a baby?! I can't even. He just looks so proud and so happy and so handsome. He'll make a great big brother some day, Lord willing.


Sticker fun when we're prisoners staying warm on a -9 degree day.
Nash is just now starting to sit still long enough for activities like this, so I sneak them in when I can.

#NationalHugDay. Who doesn't love a good hug??!!
Who gives you the best hugs?

Happy Friday, y'all!

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