Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Yesterday was a hard post to write. I second guessed making it public in case it was too raw, too real, and too honest. But that's just what it was...honest. I needed to say those things to him and through that post, I did just that. They've been said. They are done. Hopefully.

Today I simply want to thank those people who have spoken life into the situation. Thanks to your hugs, your tears of compassion and shared hurt, your calls and texts, your cards, a prepared meal, a plant, muffins, FB messages, blog comments, etc...You have helped share in this moment and at times, helped alleviate some of the pain. Thank you.

Thank you for understanding our hurt and shock.

Thanks for loving Pig so much.

Thanks for sharing your memories of him.

Thanks for loving us so much.

Thanks for putting into words what my heart was feeling but didn't have the words to explain. As one friend shared "your bond with him was probably the strongest we will ever have with a dog because you got him at a time that was the most lonely and influx in our lives." Those words are so very true. I got Pig before I had my own home, before I had a solid career after college, and long before a husband and kids. I was 1,000 miles away from family and going through relationship ups and downs, losses and gains, lonliness, and trying to figure out what adulthood would look like for me. Pig was my constant. He was my "baby". He was my family and he rode the waves of change with me every single day. And although I may find myself with another pet someday, I will most likely never need another dog quite like I needed Pig.

Thank you to another sweet friend who sent me a profound message that read "I know Pig taught you what it means to love another more than yourself and that prepared you to love your little one so easily and seamlessly, so each time you feel that love in your heart, you can thank Pig for preparing the way and opening your heart more than you thought imaginable. Dogs also teach us what unconditional love is, which is something we humans have a hard time with, so thank Pig for showing you a glimpse of what that looked like before you knew what being a mother of a child was going to be like. I know God uses dogs to show us a tiny bit of how he loves us, and Pig will always represent that in your heart and life." I cannot verbalize how true her words are and how much I needed them at the exact moment I received them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for loving us through this time. It is appreciated and needed more than you will ever know. Pig was lucky to know you and so am I.

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