Monday, April 13, 2015

Eight Months and Counting

Our sweet boy is eight months old today. Where has the time gone?! It's really only felt like 5 minutes...under water, as my husband's uncle would say.

Seriously though, I feel like just two short months ago I was 9 months pregnant and the size of a small house, with "cocktail wieners" as toes (thanks to my brother for pointing that beauty out), and a wicked case of pink eye and BAM, I now have an eight month old.

We've survived sleepless nights, RSV, a hospital stay at 3 months old, and now the cutting of two teeth. And through it all, our boy has been the happiest little champ. I don't know what we did to deserve such a phenomenal child,  but I'll take it and thank the Lord for it!

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Puffs
  • Celery stalks for teething
  • Anything that plays music
  • Mickey Mouse Club is our jam!
  • Talking jibberish with an occasional "da-da" and now "ma-ma"
  • His tiny basketball, aka his peepee teepee that he thinks is the best toy in the world
  • Swinging with mom and dad
  • Watching his puppy, Piggy
  • Jumping in his bouncer
  • Pulling momma's hair (which is on my dislike list)
  • Bath time and splashing
  • Stuffy noses
  • Nose Freida aka the snot sucker that is the
  • Going to sleep and missing out (at least for a few minutes til he passes out)
  • Green beans
Munchie, you amaze me more every day. I thank God for you multiple times a day, and every night when I tell you that I'll miss you til morning, I truly mean it. You make my days brighter with your smile and I will do anything to make you laugh. I'm sorry I have the worst singing voice in the world, but thanks for humoring me and snuggling in close when I try to make my way through a comforting lullaby. You are the handsomest boy and it makes me so happy to be stopped by 5 different strangers on the way into church so they can talk to you or comment on your smile or eyes or hat. Every day I see a bit more of me in you and I pray that you somehow inherit all of my good characteristics and none of my flaws. But if somehow you do get my not so great traits, we'll navigate them together and make each other stronger. And worst case, we'll just annoy everyone else together;) Thanks for making me a mom and for not knowing any different so when I do screw up, you still love me as though I'm the only woman on the planet. You hold my heart, little man, and I know without a doubt you always will. I love you so, so much!

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