Thursday, April 16, 2015

Creative Parenting

I've posted before that I'm a fan of creative parenting and creative discipline. Well, this dad definitely took his creativity and his clippers to a whole 'nother level. Poor little Tay Tay and John John.

I'm sure there's probably something a little mean and possibly traumatizing about making your kids look like fools in public, but today I applaud him for thinking outside of the box. We can worry about what sort of counseling this action might require when his boys are 30, but quite frankly, that's not as fun as finding the humor in their current humiliation, is it now? My favorite line "you wanna act a fool, I act one with you." Boom, daddy-o, that's how it's done.

I guarantee this kiddos will think twice about their grades and the amount of effort they put into their school work in the future. Enjoy!

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