Monday, February 23, 2015

High Fives

I haven't had a chance to do my Friday high fives over the last few weeks, so today I've decided to combine them and switch things up a little with a Monday post. I know, I'm a crazy rebel like that. It's like wearing Saturday undies on a Tuesday. No one but you knows, and yet all day long you feel like you're silently shouting "hey world, I do what I want." Any who...

High fives and shout outs to:
  • My mom's birthday today! Happy 60th mom! I know all moms are amazing, but I'm pretty certain that my mom ranks right up there among Guinness Book of World Record Awesome Moms. I love you and am SO grateful that you're mine.
  • Weekday lunch dates with the Hubs. One of our favorite mid-week treats is a little Indian place near our offices. I just love all the different flavors they pack into one quick, little lunch date. I'm thinking we need to do more lunch dates since they're "no sitter required" dates.

  • Space heaters, slippers and auto-start on my Jeep. Brrrrrrr.
  • A sweet text from a friend saying they miss you and want to hang out soon. Done and done. Lord knows we need fun things to look forward to when it's this chilly outside.
  • Another sweet FB message from a friend saying they miss you too. Ironically, in both instances, I had actually thought about those two friends on those exact day before they text or posted on FB. It's the little things like that in friendships that make them so special.
  • A new study in our couple's church group, which we're now hosting in our home on Wednesday nights. The last two weeks have been great as we've broken out into wives on one floor and the husbands on another to dig a little deeper together. There's been transparency, laughs, prayer, and even an old slumber party game or two.
  • A night of learning how to make dumplings for Chinese New Year in my brother and sister-in-laws home. The evening gave our little clan an opportunity to bust out our Asian outfits that my sis-in-law gave us from Beijing. The Hubs rocked his "silkies" the entire night without apology. Classic. The food and the hosts were fantastic. Thanks, Tanner and Sonia!

  • Baby snuggles and kisses. Messy hair, don't care. No make-up and still in my robe, hmmm, I kinda care, but whatever, he's too cute not to share. Those cheeks...

  • Cutting over 4 inches off my hair this weekend. I'm guessing to others it's hardly noticeable, but to me, it feels SO much healthier.
  • Being selected as a vendor in the coveted MainStreet Market vintage sale again this year! It's such an amazing sale, with people traveling in from all over the country to shop. The minute you submit your application, you feel like you're waiting on a college acceptance letter all over again. I may have checked my email roughly 46 times a day and texted my friend, Jenny asking "anything yet??!!" until we both received word that we were in. Thanks, Urban Farmgirl!

  • Lazy Saturday naps. I had 2 out of 3 of my boys on board for naptime and it was glorious.
  • The promise of summer vacations. I need something warm and sunny to look forward to and what's better than a getaway? Nothing, that's what. We already have one family trip planned in August to Grafton, IL. And we cannot forget a trip or two to Charleston, and Nash's first ever Freibergapalooza. Fun, fun and warm, warm!
How cute is this cabin where we're staying in Grafton? I'd like to live there. And it's owned by the Loading Dock, so I cannot wait to visit wineries, go out to eat at the quaint restaurants and then walk across the street to enjoy a cocktail on the water and listen to the live bands at night amongst all the other families on vacation.


Have a great week, y'all!

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