Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Goal Update

With only three weeks to go before we meet our little nugget face to face (3 weeks, what??!!!), I figured it was time to pull out the ole summer goals a la 2014 and see how much progress we've made. AKA, what can we crank out fit in before we're consumed by a 6-7lb wonder.

Without further ado...

Summer 2014 Goals-
  1. Dine Al Fresco more often. This has been done roughly four times since this post took place. I call that delightful progress.
  2. Take a weekend trip, as we've promised each other, for our anniversary. Sadly, I do believe this one will elude us. Timing has just been off and although it makes me sad, I'm not sure there's anyway around it.
  3. Finish two books in July and one in August before our due date. I'm on track to be able to check this puppy off the list. Anyone have any good reads for my maternity leave? Or is that wishful thinking with a newborn?

  4. Clean out our garage. This one, I'm proud to say, is scheduled for this weekend. Hold us to it, friends. No, seriously!
  5. Walk along the bike path with Wrigley and the Hubs more often. And at least one of those times, bring along a picnic dinner. This has happened and was lovely. Why don't we do this more often?
  6. Attend one Evening in the Gardens and take in a few City Markets. As of tonight, both of these events will have been attended by yours truly. If you're local and head to City Market, I highly recommend the roasted sweet corn. I had mine with parmesan, lime juice, cilantro and butter. No exaggeration, best corn I've ever eaten.

  7. Watch Tim Kayak in Rock Cut while I read, nap, and breathe in the fresh air. Boom. Done. Although thanks to an overly stimulated toy-poodle, there was no reading or napping taking place. Just a lot of walking, sniffing every tree stump and trying to get a wired for sound poodle to lay down on the blanket. Oh well, I enjoyed the views and the fresh air. My book and People Style Watch can wait. I can't fit into any of those cute clothes right now anyway.
  8. See one more movie in theaters in July and one in August. All while watching the Hubs crush $18 worth of mediocre popcorn.  July was dominated, now on to August. Anything we should see?
  9. Have a Birthday party for Pig and his dog friends. A kiddie pool is a must. Coming soon!
  10. Meet our son around August 21st! Ahhhhh!
What's on your summer bucket list? Anything you recommend that we can throw into the mix before August 21st?

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