Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all! Not that this day means anything special to most of us, but who am I am to pass up wishing one well on Fat Tuesday? If you know me, you know I like to celebrate, plan parties, and have things to look forward to which led me to celebrating Fat Tuesday.

There will be no bead tossing, no floats, surely no drunk bystanders, BUT there will be New Orleans cuisine. Having any excuse to cook something totally different than I normally would, I started this on and off tradition back in 2006. Now that we're a family, it's an annual thing that I hope our future kiddos will think is a fun, mid-week break once a year. And there WILL be beads and masks once we have kiddos to partake in the fun. Good ole, CLEAN fun with the beads though. No one will be getting any beads for flashing their pull-ups!

To make this random Tuesday a bit more festive, I bring you our meal this evening:

My Shrimp Etouffee is usually the bomb.
Last year, I accidentally tripled the tomato paste and killed it (not in a good way).
And of course, we had company for that meal; go figure.
This year, I'm bringing my A-game back!

Maque choux will be my newest addition to my New Orleans line up.
Fingers crossed it's delicious!

Last year was the first time that I attempted to make a King Cake.
Living in the south, there was no shortage of bakeries that sold these delicious treats.
When I went to buy one last year, I learned quickly that no one in town carries them.
Lucky for me, I found a quick and easy recipe that was a close second to the professional cakes, although certainly not as pretty.

Lastly, we'll drink our body weight in Hurricanes! Just kidding.
These will not be on the menu, however knowing I cannot partake in a fun cocktail every once in a while, makes me want one.  
Maybe we'll drink fruit punch in fun cups instead?
And lastly, to get you in the Fat Tuesday spirit, go ahead and find your Mardi Gras name.
My name is apparently Bourbon Street Confetti. Hey, I'll take it.
I can handle being a little confetti-esque today.
It sure does beat being any of the other things laying around on Bourbon Street this week!
Anyone out there get Sparkles Jambalaya?
If so, you should TOTALLY wear that on a nametag all day long!


Mama Dee said...

I am Mambo Jester !!!!

mama spike said...

That's Jazzy Zulu to you and I promise not to flash my pull ups!