Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday High Fives

Seriously, how is it Friday again? Don't get it twisted, no one here is complaining. I just can't fathom that it's been a full week from the last High Five'dness. Feels like two days, tops. I'm thinking that's a sure fire sign that I need to slow down and smell the roses pumpkins!

Today, I bring you the lovely little things that have kept my sanity hanging by a thread intact this week:
  • A few new recipes that were delicious, thanks, Pinterest and Cooking Light.
    • Although, a minor "low five" to the author of the Homemade Light Loaded Potato Soup recipe. In what universe did that recipe take you 20 minutes. Try an hour and twenty. You're lucky it was tasty, my friend.
  • Receiving my first "StitchFix" shipment. More to come on that one next week. If you've never checked them out, it's a pretty cool concept!
  • Another Thursday evening spent with these beautiful people. Is it too much to ask to become part of their family? I'd settle for being a neighbor or distant cousin twice removed.

  • Discovering a 20 minute gap of breathing room in my 12 hour work day yesterday. It was so unexpected and so cherished that I called the Hubs to notify him that I was "on vacation" for the next 20 minutes. #mentalvacation  #slowdown #nomoremeetings

  • Pickin' round two in my aunt's warehouse. It's ironic that my serious phobia of spiders is null and void once I begin treasure hunting. #moveouttheway
  • Awaiting our small group's "Friendsgiving" dinner at our house on Sunday. I'm so excited to hang out with the 4 other couples over delicious food, a cozy fire and football. If you see flames coming from our driveway that afternoon, don't panic, it's just a deep fried turkey:)
  • A little baby shower for a coworker after work tonight.
  • Having the Hubs home this weekend. I'm glad he had fun on his guy's weekend last weekend, but I much prefer the weekends when I get to hang out with him. And the nights are way less creepy in our old home with him around. Win!
Have a great weekend, Y'all!

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