Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday High Fives

It's Friiiiiiidddaaaayyyy, and that right there deserves its own high five of great proportions.

High fives all around for these small delights:
  • Receiving 10, yes 10, trick or treaters last night! Granted, they were in 2 groups so our door only got to open twice, but c'mon, I'll take it. I was so excited since that's a 200% increase from last year's numbers. Thank God we had a small amount of candy in the house or those kiddos would've received instant oatmeal packets and microwave popcorn.
  • Another pickin' session waiting in the wings for tomorrow.
  • Watching this guy marry his best friend last weekend. I've known him for 15 years. He's been one the few men in my life, outside of family and my husband, that has seen me at my best AND my worst and has never walked away. He was a "bridesman" in my wedding and I was so glad to be there for his.

  • My fun new sweater with leather accents that I'm enjoying on casual Friday in the office. It's a little bit preppy and a little bit rock-n-roll. If I were a donor, I'd gladly give money to anyone in this sweater.
  • Spending Halloween with the cutest little elephant I ever did see.

  • Enjoying a pumpkin beer on all Hallow's Eve.
  • Being asked to judge ice show try-outs at my old rink in November. I've missed the smell of the ice lately.
  • Never having to participate in any ice show try-outs myself. Yuck. But I'll gladly judge them while other poor skaters have to participate!
  • All of the beautiful fall colors that grace almost every view from inside of our home. I love walking from room to room with the escort of red, gold, and orange leaves to brighten my mundane journey.

  • New spiced latte creamer to help jump start my morning.
  • The promise of groceries this weekend! Due to travel, our cupboards are the most bare I've ever seen them. We've had to be very creative with our meal planning until we had a free night to hit the store. Going colossally overboard at Valli Produce this weekend is very a real possibility.
  • Traveling with this guy. I swear, we have the most fun together on airplanes. At one point I leaned over and said "why are the most silly at 16,000 feet?" Maybe if all else fails, we can become flight attendants together! Even being the ONLY row on the flight without a window gave us 2 hours of entertainment.
Please excuse the old photo from our honeymoon, but I just think he looks too handsome for it to sit in a photo archive somewhere.
Enjoy your weekend!

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