Thursday, October 17, 2013

Opening Soon!

Well, we've officially lost our minds decided to open a shop! It became a done deal when we popped a bottle of champagne and grabbed a paint brush. No turning back now.

With our event rental company's inventory growing beyond what my basement can contain without it spilling over into my actual home, we began the hunt for a new storage facility. We needed a space large enough to store and stage most of our inventory, while also finding something presentable enough to do bridal consults on site. It needed to be rodent free and weather proof. And last but certainly not least, affordable. This proved to be more challenging than one would think.

My SV partner handled most of the hunting as I was still on the fence about dipping into our profit margin to store our items. With weddings, there are definitely ebbs and flows throughout the year and I hated the thought of money only going out during the ebbs. Until the one day she talked me into seeing a property, about 20 minutes outside of our hometown. Yeah right, I thought.

Although I went along with it because she was super jazzed about the space and I respect her opinion, I went into it about 95% sure that it wasn't a good fit. Well, friends, I left knowing we'd sign a lease. How does that happen?

So, I'm officially a co-owner of an event rental business and a small vintage shop in a small town just outside of our city. We've started painting and hunting for inventory and I love it! Will it last? No clue. Will people come and actually buy? If you can tell me, than we'll both know. But we're going to give it a shot. With the freedom of a month to the month lease and possible vendor partnerships to help with the rent, we may be here for 3 months or 24 months. We have more questions than answers right now, but we both feel it's worth a try with minimal overhead costs. You never know until you try and we're both the right amount of crazy to give it a go!

And who passes up a chance at a dream when you already have a wonderful full time job that pays your bills? Not me, thanks to an amazingly supportive husband. I asked, he listened, we threw around questions and scenarios, and he gave me his blessing. At the end of the day, he's my most important business partner so his "go ahead" was a non-negotiable before I'd proceed. With 2 thumbs up, we're off!

So, here we go! I hope you'll come and see us when we open our front doors for the first time with a twinkle of fear and hope all in one glance. We want it to be a creative space for us, but also for you. Have any ideas or suggestions? I'll take em!

Here's a glimpse at our new nest:
The orange had to go! But she did have us at "Hello, barn wood and beams."


In Progress...

More to come...

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