Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gone Pickin'

This evening I shall embark in my first real "pickin'" experience. Five o'clock can not get here fast enough, I tell you. And, this first pick is just one of two that we have on our books over the next two weeks. Yeehaw, y'all!

Tonight, my SV partner, Traci, and I will redeem the amazing offer to pick through my Great Aunt's warehouse. Although my Great Uncle is no longer with us, my Aunt still resides in their home that I grew up being fascinated with. Their space has actually been featured on American Pickers twice, so I know I'm not the only fan out there that is fascinated with their collection. My Uncle Maury took collecting seriously with one of the largest tool collections in the Midwest, and he could tell you exactly when and where he purchased each item. And there are thousands of them. He was a pro and I'm just a rookie in awe of his work.

So when my Aunt extended the invitation to pick their warehouse this evening, we immediately rearranged our schedules to be there. The thrill of the hunt makes this heart beat fast. Plus, I love learning more about what Maury found interesting enough to "pick" himself, so it'll be a win-win. The hard part will be letting go of things and actually selling them. I tend to want to keep family items close to home, but a successful business owner that does not make.

Our second pick connection was made through our new storefront landlord (are they still called that anymore?). She's graciously set us up with a couple who are responsible for developing two large communities in our region, and they apparently own half a dozen barns that we'll be allowed to pick through in two weeks. Again, I cannot wait!

In preparation, I've been brushing up on my pickin' language and skills via our friends at American Pickers. I'm ready to "pop" on a few things, if the price is right, and I'm fully prepared to "bundle" items when needed. Now if I can just find some old gloves and a small flashlight that I can hold, hands free, in my mouth while digging, I'll be all set. And if I can keep my spider phobia to a minimum, that'd be great too.

Ready, set, pick!!

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