Friday, September 13, 2013

Nightmare on Event Street

I love planning, attending, even looking at pictures of events. I will always bite off a little more than I can chew when it comes to parties because I simply love them beyond what I probably should. And right now, I'm in the throes of planning and co-planning 5 events in a 3 week span. Insert ginormous bite that just may be exceedingly bigger than I can chew. What's a festive junkie to do? I just can't help myself.

Right now I have the pleasure of working on our Simply Vintage bridal expo booth for 500 brides to pass through, a styled photo shoot and "Open House" for Simply the following weekend, a couple's shower for my bestie (woohoo!), and two 60th birthday parties. With one of the 60th's being for the President of our Foundation's Board, where 400-500 of the top business leaders will be in attendance, I'm just a bit nervous. It'll be great and fun and spectacular, but it's the planning and the creative aspect of that one that is keeping this gal up at night. With actual nightmares. I'm in charge of transforming a ballroom into an industrial meets chic wonderland since the hosts own a large, local construction company that is also celebrating its 60th anniversary. My centerpieces are literally jumbo bolts, hard hats, coils of hoses, PVC pipes and candles and pearls. Oh my, seriously, what did I agree too?! And let me tell you, Pinterest fans, that little site ain't got nothing on industrial party planning. Unless I want to incorporate Bob the Builder into my theme, Pinterest let me down. Way down.

And with the above mentioned 60th soriee on a Friday night, I'm co-hosting my dad's 60th the very next night. Don't even try to call, text, or communicate with me on Sunday, Oct. 6th. I. Will. Be. Sleeping. No, really.

So with all of that being said, if I appear to be a little silent over the next few weeks, please know that I'll be back! I'm just stretched pretty thin and all of my creative juices are being thrown into making PVC pipes look classy and sassy. Words I swear to you I never thought I'd say.

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