Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You Know You're Older at a Bachelorette Party When...

I found myself giggling a few times this past weekend and thinking "wow, bachelorette weekends are way different in your 30's versus your 20's". Not different in a bad way or a "whoa we're so old and lame" way. Just different. The girlie chatter was different. The food was a bit different and more substantial, and the amount it took a few people to bounce back from the previous night's festivities was a bit different and delayed, if you will.

Here are a just a few reminders on how a 30 something beach weekend may vary slightly from one in your roaring 20's:
  • It's totally acceptable to bring your sweet baby to the gathering. Well, at least it's appropriate during the day time hours next to the pool. No one walked in and thought "hmmm, you have a baby...at a bachelorette party???"
  • Advil was a must in the "weekend survival kit". Next time I know Alka-Seltzer is also a must, even more so than the Advil. And tweezers, apparently.
  • One can somehow pinch a nerve in their back while stirring chocolate on the stove for chocolate dipped strawberries. This one still blows my bind. And my throbbing back.
  • Coffee can seem more important than adult beverages at times.
  • You find yourself discussing which books everyone is reading over which raging parties everyone's gone to this summer.
  • "So what anti-aging, skin care regime is everyone using?" suddenly takes the place of who's dating who, who's texting/talking to who, etc...  #wrinklessuck
  • The Nursing versus bottle feeding stance can come up at least 2-3 different times over the course of a weekend.
  • When someone says "hey y'all, I accidentally packed up someone else's shorts and tank top, who's missing them?" they should first read the clothing label to see if it says "A Pea In the Pod";) That's typically a dead giveaway when there's one 8 month pregnant woman in the mix!
  • Some beach go'ers who chip in good money to stay at the beach house actually choose to drive the 30 minutes home to sleep in their own bed. Long gone are the days of "crashing" anywhere you land.
  • You actually think ahead to still bring the bride's flip flops when she insists on wearing her heels to the 80's concert. And then force her to sit down and let you physically change her shoes for her so she doesn't break an ankle. Lastly, you actually spot her discarded heels chilling on the stage and hook them to your purse so you don't lose them. #truefriendspackflops
  • Staying in versus hitting up the clubs is a really good idea. You can actually hear each other when conversing. Imagine the concept! #chinesefoodrocks  #200dollarsworthofchinesefood
  • When you first arrive, everyone is on high alert to spot who might be drinking or who is sitting it out on the wine to scope out those in the group who might be pregnant. #sneaky #highalert
  • And last but certainly not least, breast pumps are way more common at the party than shot glasses or any form of beer funnel.

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